Homemade Granola bars on a college budget

Video by Jonathan Facio | Story by Blake Willadsen Looking for a cheap and healthy snack? Homemade granola bars are easy to make and will save you money in the long run. Here are some Recipes you can try on your own in ten minutes. Saucin’ on the Storm Ingredients: 2 cups quick oats 2/3 cup light corn syrup (vegan option: honey) 3/4 cup cinnamon … Continue reading Homemade Granola bars on a college budget

Restaurant review: Krunkwich Ramen House

In the East Village of Des Moines lays an innocuous brick building. To the average passerby, nothing is particularly eye-catching, but within lies a hipster paradise. Krunkwich Ramen House opened in April 2015 as Iowa’s first restaurant dedicated to Japanese and Fusion Ramen. The small restaurant has an urban, yet cozy feel with friendly and helpful staff for those navigating ramen outside dollar-store packages for … Continue reading Restaurant review: Krunkwich Ramen House

College classics reimagined: beer

Here in Iowa, we love our comfort food. How ‘bout a comfort brew? Think of craft beer as the mac n’ cheese of beer: filling, savory and open to interpretation. Craft breweries have busted into the beer market in recent decades and are growing by double-digits each year. According to the Brewers’ Association, it’s the best time to be a beer love in United States … Continue reading College classics reimagined: beer

College classics reimagined: ramen

Cheap, easy and just tasty enough to constitute a meal in a pinch. Ramen has always been the broke college student’s go-to, but the cuisine is seeing a comeback in American culture as of lately. Refinery 29 called it one of the biggest food trends in 2015, citing research showing an increase of its appearance on restaurant menus by 18.2% from 2013 to 2014. Major … Continue reading College classics reimagined: ramen

College classics reimagined: pizza

Whether it’s a last-minute dinner or late-night munchies, college students’ go-to is almost always a good slice of pizza. Luckily, ID magazine took a road trip through the Des Moines area to find the most interesting pizzas around. Brickhouse Tavern Phone: (515) 962-5025 Address: 107 N. Buxton St., Indianola, IA 50125 Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Fri. 4:00 p.m. – 2:00 … Continue reading College classics reimagined: pizza

DSM: Hell Yes

Over the past 15 years, Des Moines has developed into an exciting, energetic and stylish city. What used to be a dull place has transformed into an intriguing city filled with artwork, more job opportunities and overall growth in community pride. Fortunately for Simpson students, Des Moines is close to Indianola, meaning students have the opportunity to seek internships and jobs in a near-by city … Continue reading DSM: Hell Yes

October Welcomes Back the MLB Playoffs

by Brock Borgeson Whether you are a baseball fan or a sports fan just looking to fill the time between the football-filled fall weekends, don’t count out the storylines, comebacks, and historic performances that the MLB playoffs bring out each year. Who will take all and win the 2014 World Series? Baseball fans can finally taste the finish line, so join us for the final … Continue reading October Welcomes Back the MLB Playoffs