Morgan Frideres’ Skillet Cookie

Ingredients: 1 roll of cookie dough 1 tub of ice cream Optional toppings: sprinkles chocolate syrup Directions: set oven to 400° coat skillet lighly in non-stick coating or butter. place enough cookie dough to cover bottom of skillet Place in oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove with an oven mitt and let cool for a few minutes Top with ice cream and desired toppings … Continue reading Morgan Frideres’ Skillet Cookie

The Keeper of the Bees

Story by Jonathan Facio Photos by Jayde Vogeler   Ian McKenzie is many things; a runner, environmental science major, and a beekeeper. It all started after taking a class with professor Clint Meyer. “There was a lecture where we talked a lot about beekeeping and he mentioned that the Indianola Beekeeping Association puts out a class every winter,” he said. The class talked about the … Continue reading The Keeper of the Bees

Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Bubbly Tea House

Written by: Laura Wiersema It’s time to put down the coffee and pick up some tea. No, not the kind of tea your 80-year-old grandma drinks. There’s a new tea in town and there’s only one place to get it: Bubbly Tea House in Des Moines. Established in February 2017, Bubbly is located on University Avenue in the Drake Neighborhood and is the only place … Continue reading Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Bubbly Tea House

Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Palmer’s Deli and Market

Written by: Laura Wiersema Looking to get the most bang for your buck at lunchtime? Look no further than Palmer’s Deli & Market. With five locations in the Des Moines area, they’re never far away. In 1990, a year after opening their first location in Urbandale, Palmer’s introduced their best deal, The Box Lunch. For the price of a sandwich (about $7) + $3.50, you … Continue reading Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Palmer’s Deli and Market

Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Krunkwich Ramen House

Written by: Madison DePover As a college student, you like to eat cheap fast foods on a small budget, like the staple of ramen noodles.   If you are someone that enjoys ramen noodles, try Krunkwich Ramen House on Ingersoll Avenue on restaurant row. They put a twist on the ramen you already love.   Everyone can find something they will like, including a vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. If you have a gluten allergy, their … Continue reading Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Krunkwich Ramen House

Hidden Foods of Des Moines: The Cheese Bar

Written by: Madison DePover Located in the heart of restaurant row on Ingersoll Avenue, the Cheese Bar invites all cheese lovers of Des Moines to dine with one thing in mind: cheese. The Cheese Bar’s grand opening in June replaced the Cheese Shop of Des Moines from its basement to churn out a great community place with an extensive menu of cheese items for everyone.    You walk in the door and … Continue reading Hidden Foods of Des Moines: The Cheese Bar

Small Campus, Big World

Written and photos by Rosa Gude The Simpson Music Department has a lot to offer its students, from two fully-staged productions per year, to recital and performance opportunities. As important as these are, it’s always a good idea for young performers Something I’ve learned since being at Simpson is that taking chances is worth it. There’s no doubt performing is scary, but not taking the … Continue reading Small Campus, Big World

Gun Violence: a New Norm in the U.S.

Written by Zoe Seiler Photos by Jayde Vogeler Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. San Bernardino. Orlando. Sandy Hook.  Gun violence and mass shootings have become a part of the news cycle this year. This issue hits too close to home for Simpson students leaving them wondering why how someone could be so violent toward another human being. High School Shooting Dec. 12, 2013 began as another … Continue reading Gun Violence: a New Norm in the U.S.

Crafting a masterpiece

Story by Laura Wiersema | Photos by Jayde Vogeler  @LauraAshleyLove | @jayde_lyn14 June – August 2016 – 8-10 months until opening night Senior Bryce Browning sits at his kitchen table in West Liberty, Iowa, poring over script after script. More than 140 plays had been submitted in a nationwide contest to be considered for Simpson College’s annual Festival of Short Plays for spring 2017. But Theatre Simpson … Continue reading Crafting a masterpiece