Hidden Foods of Des Moines: Krunkwich Ramen House

Written by: Madison DePover

As a college student, you like to eat cheap fast foods on a small budget, like the staple of ramen noodles.


If you are someone that enjoys ramen noodles, try Krunkwich Ramen House on Ingersoll Avenue on restaurant row. They put a twist on the ramen you already love.


Everyone can find something they will like, including a vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. If you have a gluten allergy, their #22 Gluten Free Ramen dish is for you. Their ramen dishes vary from mild to spicy to fit each person’s liking.


Even if you don’t like ramen they will still have something for you with a full menu including rice, sandwiches, and tots too. They have KrunkTots, totKrunkwich1s covered in cheese and spices or a sandwich, like the Pulled Pork “Cheesesteak” to pair with ramen.  



With a great atmosphere and unique experience, Krunkwich Ramen House is an enjoyable restaurant for anyone. The setup is like a fast food restaurant; you walk up to order at the counter and there will be no waiters or waitresses.


But the food is not that way at all. The food is cooked to order and well prepared. You are able to sit down and enjoy a great meal in a unique place. 


The owner really cares about how his food is prepared and showed it when his restaurant first opened. Back on April 15, 2015, opening day, the Krunkwich Ramen House had a great turn out of people that really enjoyed their food. 


But in the kitchen, they had some problems, running out of noodles at the end of the day and getting complaints that the noodles we still hard, and the owner wanted to fix this right away. Krunkwich waited six days to reopen the restaurant to better prepare their ramen.


Opening with better products that are loved by many from then to now, Krunkwich Ramen House is a great place to try for any food lover. 


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