Crafting a masterpiece

Story by Laura Wiersema | Photos by Jayde Vogeler  @LauraAshleyLove | @jayde_lyn14 June – August 2016 – 8-10 months until opening night Senior Bryce Browning sits at his kitchen table in West Liberty, Iowa, poring over script after script. More than 140 plays had been submitted in a nationwide contest to be considered for Simpson College’s annual Festival of Short Plays for spring 2017. But Theatre Simpson … Continue reading Crafting a masterpiece

Facing the Blitz : A college athlete’s coming out story

Story and photos by Alex Kirkpatrick | @takirkpatrick   Brenden Moon knows pain. For most of his life, he’s been involved in athletics, during which he’s endured numerous concussions and injuries. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and 215 pounds, Moon was a juggernaut; nothing could stop him. Except when the pain became too much to bear, he walked away from football, the sport he loved. … Continue reading Facing the Blitz : A college athlete’s coming out story

A different kind of pain

Stories and photos by Jayde Vogeler According to the National Alliance on Mental Health one in five adults experience mental illness in America. There are a myriad of causes for changes in mental health. It isn’t always easy to understand what a person is going through. ID Magazine spoke  to students who battle with mental health and looked to better understand what it feels like … Continue reading A different kind of pain

Spring ID Mag preview: David De Haro

David de Haro loves tacos — and even though he’s Mexican, he said it’s not cliché for him to say it. “There’s no Mexican that doesn’t like tacos,” he added. Although tacos can be found in Indianola, De Haro said food, especially his family’s food, is one of the main things he misses from his home country. “I miss my family, but that is a … Continue reading Spring ID Mag preview: David De Haro