Restaurant review: Krunkwich Ramen House

In the East Village of Des Moines lays an innocuous brick building. To the average passerby, nothing is particularly eye-catching, but within lies a hipster paradise. Krunkwich Ramen House opened in April 2015 as Iowa’s first restaurant dedicated to Japanese and Fusion Ramen.

The small restaurant has an urban, yet cozy feel with friendly and helpful staff for those navigating ramen outside dollar-store packages for the first time. But the restaurant experience doesn’t mean compromising cost; most items on the menu remain under $10 and are much more filling than that ramen block.

Aside from the typical ramen dish, Krunkwich’s menu includes sandwiches and their signature “Krunkspiced” tater tots. Toppings and dipping sauces vary but whatever flavor you get, we recommend eating them with chopsticks. Don’t worry about using them correctly; it’s all part of the fun.


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