Politically engaged students: Zach Goodrich

Junior Zach Goodrich was reluctant to be a part of a campaign this election cycle, as there weren’t any presidential candidates he was particularly passionate about.

“I just didn’t see myself gaining anything from the experience if I was just out there door knocking, making phone calls, just not really the best use of my time when I had already done that in another election cycle,” Goodrich said.

That all changed when he was contacted by the Marco Rubio campaign and was asked to be the chairman for the Warren County campaign.

Goodrich said he was contacted for the position because of connections he made in high school working with the Iowa Senate.

As chairman of the Warren County campaign, Goodrich met with local activists for the party in the area and through this he was introduced to Students for Rubio.

“The Rubio college campaign was being headed by someone at Iowa State and they weren’t really meeting the expectations that the campaign managers had so they asked me to transition into managing the college campaign on various campuses throughout the state,” Goodrich said.

Goodrich managed Students for Rubio across the entire state of Iowa, which involved contacting the student groups for 25 different campuses.

He corresponded with the campuses through emails, conference calls and phone calls, “just to make sure they had established student organizations, little things like Facebook groups started, inviting people out to debate parties, getting them to sign a commit to caucus card, so little things like that that would help people to caucus and I think it paid off,” Goodrich said.

Through Students for Rubio, Goodrich managed to get Rubio on Simpson’s campus to speak to students.

“I’d been pushing, because we really hadn’t had a republican candidate come to campus we had had people like Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina come to Indianola but not come to Simpson’s campus where we had Martin O’ Malley, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton,” Goodrich said.

Goodrich said that Simpson has given him a lot of opportunities that other colleges wouldn’t have. He said when he got an opportunity to clerk full time in the Iowa House of Representatives, his advisor helped him change his schedule so he could clerk and still be a full-time student.

“I know for a fact that other colleges don’t do that. I have a friend who’s clerking at the Iowa House right now and she transferred from Central to Simpson this semester because Central would not let her clerk,” Goodrich said.

Goodrich said he doesn’t know what the future has in store for him but he knows that he wants to be involved in politics.

Goodrich said, “I definitely have some personal goals that I’m looking forward to over the next four or five years but we’ll just have to see if everything develops as I’m expecting but with life you never know.”

By Ashley Smith


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