I Love You, Bro

By Tessa Lengeling

The bromance. A term for two straight males infatuated with each other, in a completely platonic way, of course.

Danny and Joey from Full House, Corey and Shawn from Boy Meets World or Schmidt and Jenko from 21 Jump Street are examples of bromances. These bros spend endless amounts of time together, forming an unbreakable bond.

A bromance (noun) is about unconditional love between two males without sexual attraction involved. The bromances in movies are about sticking together through thick and thin and supporting each other. Sound familiar?

Bromances are pretty similar to a romantic relationship, but would probably be a close second to having a woman in your bed.

Bromances aren’t just for movies or television. They are real relationships happening all around us.

Simpson College juniors Tanner Robinson and Peter Rietgraf have shared a fiery bromance for about a year now. The two met in high school on rival tennis teams, but became bros after sharing a bathroom sophomore year in Picken Hall.

“A bromance is love, peace and friendship,” said Robinson. “He’s like a brother, just no blood relation.”

Their bromance is newly formed, but they have grown into strong buds over the past year. “It wasn’t a true bromance until this year, but now it’s real. It’s young love,” Rietgraf said.

Bros don’t always say “I love you” to each other, but are each other’s better half.

Bromance ID Magazine “I’m naturally introverted, so I won’t talk to you unless I need to, but when I’m with Peter I’m like ‘let’s talk to everyone, let’s have a good time’,” Robinson said. “I get along with pretty much everyone, but with Peter it’s just different.”

The Robinson/Rietgraf bromance gets closer every day, but something is in the way. A girl.

Rietgraf is in a relationship with junior Michelle Hartmann, which occasionally takes time away from his bromance. “I spend more time with Michelle, but Tanner is a close second. She probably gets jealous,” Rietgraf said.

“I’m jealous of her, so it’s fair,” Robinson said.

Rietgraf says the two are getting close to basically being a relationship, but it’s a work in progress. “We can be real with each other, and that doesn’t always happen,” Rietgraf said.

Hartmann said she gets jealous of their bromance because she’s not good at sharing. “Peter might dump me and date Tanner,” Hartmann joked. “Not really, I actually think it’s funny to watch them together. They are always doing weird things.”

A piece of advice from the bros so infatuated with each other is, “Find a bromance, it’s always a good thing to have.”

Bros, even girls love it when you have that special guy in your life. According to Total Sorority Move’s (TSM) list of “Top 10 Sexiest Things A Guy Can Do,” having a good bromance is number four.

“I love bromances. Almost nothing is more adorable in an ‘I’d like to have sex with you’ way. I’m not entirely sure why, but boy besties are just so cute. I love to see them pal around and genuinely care about a person other than themselves. Think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – hot on their own, hotter together,”Veronica Grandex, author of the TSM article, said.

Get out there guys, and find that special someone to bro-out with on the daily.


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