Small Campus, Big World

Written and photos by Rosa Gude The Simpson Music Department has a lot to offer its students, from two fully-staged productions per year, to recital and performance opportunities. As important as these are, it’s always a good idea for young performers Something I’ve learned since being at Simpson is that taking chances is worth it. There’s no doubt performing is scary, but not taking the … Continue reading Small Campus, Big World

Gun Violence: a New Norm in the U.S.

Written by Zoe Seiler Photos by Jayde Vogeler Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. San Bernardino. Orlando. Sandy Hook.  Gun violence and mass shootings have become a part of the news cycle this year. This issue hits too close to home for Simpson students leaving them wondering why how someone could be so violent toward another human being. High School Shooting Dec. 12, 2013 began as another … Continue reading Gun Violence: a New Norm in the U.S.

On the ballot: A cross section of how Simpson Students handled the mess that was the 2016 election

Make America Great Again. These words were able to help capture the nation and lead the march to one of the most unlikely presidential results in history. With the election of Donald Trump, many questions have been raised by the Simpson community as to what this new America will look like. ID Magazine conducted a public opinion poll the week leading up to the election to … Continue reading On the ballot: A cross section of how Simpson Students handled the mess that was the 2016 election

Love under the maple leaves

Story by Laura Wiersema @LauraAshleyLove   1413 envelopes addressed from Simpson College sat in mailboxes across the country on Valentine’s Day 2016. 1413 cards for the 1413 couples who found the love of their life at Simpson. To some it may sound cheesy and far-fetched, but some students are already on their way to being added to the mailing list. Seniors Kaitlyn Louk and Dana Bohan have … Continue reading Love under the maple leaves

Restaurant review: Krunkwich Ramen House

In the East Village of Des Moines lays an innocuous brick building. To the average passerby, nothing is particularly eye-catching, but within lies a hipster paradise. Krunkwich Ramen House opened in April 2015 as Iowa’s first restaurant dedicated to Japanese and Fusion Ramen. The small restaurant has an urban, yet cozy feel with friendly and helpful staff for those navigating ramen outside dollar-store packages for … Continue reading Restaurant review: Krunkwich Ramen House

College classics reimagined: beer

Here in Iowa, we love our comfort food. How ‘bout a comfort brew? Think of craft beer as the mac n’ cheese of beer: filling, savory and open to interpretation. Craft breweries have busted into the beer market in recent decades and are growing by double-digits each year. According to the Brewers’ Association, it’s the best time to be a beer love in United States … Continue reading College classics reimagined: beer

College classics reimagined: ramen

Cheap, easy and just tasty enough to constitute a meal in a pinch. Ramen has always been the broke college student’s go-to, but the cuisine is seeing a comeback in American culture as of lately. Refinery 29 called it one of the biggest food trends in 2015, citing research showing an increase of its appearance on restaurant menus by 18.2% from 2013 to 2014. Major … Continue reading College classics reimagined: ramen